Smart Issuance Solutions

Smart Issuance is a full turnkey kiosk solution provider that specialises in self-service, fully personalised and programmed card issuance kiosks with full Know your Customer capability along with a full back end system providing all services to efficiently monitor, report and maintain a live kiosk estate in the field.

Kiosk Management System

The Smart Issuance KMS will represent the most powerful and flexible kiosk management system on the market. Scalable, adaptable and configurable, it can meet the requirements of any kiosk estate, whether small and growing or large and established. It hosts embedded maintenance tools providing real-time kiosk and integrated peripheral analysis in addition to an automated system alert and alarm management meaning highest availability and operational service levels.

Conceptual Design

Building on 15 years of experience in kiosk design, Smart Issuance has a core expertise in the sector includes research, industrial design, design engineering, design for manufacture, supplier sourcing and project management. Smart Issuance delivers from the initial concept to the finished product in accordance with governing body approvals such as UL and CE. At this stage we can provide the client with highly realistic renders of the design in multiple environments to help with sales or investor presentations for example.

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