Application Design & Development

The Smart Issuance team have extensive experience designing and building 3rd party applications for self-serviced based kiosk solutions. Our specialty is payment kiosk applications and we can accept payments from any number of devices, including credit card readers, bill acceptors and coin acceptors.

The key to a successful application is to ensure the UX is logically mapped out in accordance with the end service requirements. Smart Issuance has UI professionals whom will work closely with a client marketing team to produce the application GUI

A responsive kiosk user interface is a crucial component of developing a kiosk application that’s a pleasure for your customers to use.  If your kiosk’s user interface appears sluggish, you can expect your customers will opt for interacting with a cashier, which defeats the purpose of having a self-service kiosk.

Our applications are built on an in-house application platform which we call Kiosk Management System “KMS”. KMS provides the functionality, user experience and interfaces that are common across our applications. This ensures that we have a common ‘look and feel’ for our applications – setting the Public-i style. It also means that, when we embark on a new product, we have a pre-built and tested base for our new application to grow upon.